• What is the VDDB

    VDDB is an open-access antiviral drug resource and machine learning platform, which is the first comprehensive dedicated resource for experimentally verified potential drugs/molecules based on manually curated data. Currently, VDDB highlights 848 clinical vaccines, 199 clinical antibodies, as well as over 710,000 small molecules targeting 39 medically important viruses including SARS-CoV-2. Furthermore, VDBB stores approximately 3 million records of pharmacological data for these collected potential antiviral drugs/molecules, involving 314 cells infection-based phenotypic and 234 target-based genotypic assays. In particular, VDDB also integrates 57 cell infection- and 117 target-based associated high-accuracy machine learning models to support various antivirals identification-related tasks, such as compound activity prediction, virtual screening, drug repositioning, and target fishing.


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Shunming Tao